October 09, 2014

Traveling + Sketching Around

I spent some of my time in New York City taking some drop-in improv comedy classes, attending comedy shows, taking food tours, attending an architecture conference and even a lecture at the GSAPP (SANAA was lecturing - ended up in the overflow rooms). However, one of the most relaxing and calming moments was taking the time to sketch and draw during my trip. Sitting in the water fountain at Washington Square Park on a sunny day and just taking in the city life and basking in the sunlight.

Well, New York City is the Euro trip that I never had. NYC is filled with many interesting buildings and thoughtful urban design which  is why I wanted to include some time to sketch around when I got the chance. I might not be the best sketcher out there. My drawings might be messy and even ruined by the wrong use of colour from my limited chartpak collection i brought. However, just taking that moment to draw and sketch was soothing.

If you want to be better at drawing, or any technical skill, you gotta take the time to practice. Just like an improviser that needs to get themselves on stage to learn, you have to take the time to try and draw regularly. Skipping a couple of gym sessions, you can easily begin to slack over a long period of time.

Some of you might wonder why it's even important to hand draw in this day and age. There are many architecture writers and theorists out there that support hand drawing and they are not trying to be luddite and banish the new and crazy tools we have as designers. However, there's a thinking and process that is directly linked between the hand and mind at a quicker time. Why did I choose to get back into sketching outside the office?

I draw to remember the things that interest me.

I draw to study and analyze the buildings that I experience.

I draw to exercise my skill in drawing.

I draw to relax and contemplate.

Do not abandon your sketchbook #ArchitectureStudents.
We do sketch before we jump into CAD when we design at work (or at least the good firms).

Getting Back Into Sketching
Be Loose Architecture Students
Process! Process! Process!

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  1. Hi Ulysses! Hope you've been well. You have an incredible blog I've been reading for a while. Thanks for this post! I've been thinking about sketching again for a long time and am tired of thinking and ready to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!