August 18, 2014

Knowing your creative space.

This weekend, I met up with young creative designers at a meet up to talk about our what is our ideal creative space. The event I went to this weekend was hosted by Intune Labs, a collective of young designers in Toronto who provide supportive space for a diverse community of creators to come together in a monthly workshop to explore, discover, and transform the way they create. 
You can check out their website at

I recall my old architecture student days and my reactive ways - I would let my circumstances get the best of me. Sometimes not having the ideal workspace to help me work at my best and impact my productivity bet getting to my head. I think this can be a challenge for any design student. If you live with family during college, you might find working at home quite distracting. At the other extreme, you may not like working in your design studio at school just because you don’t feel comfortable being exposed to your peers while you work.