July 07, 2014

Learning from improv – Moving Onwards.

Last week, I attended a Second City Training Centre event which featured Improv legend Colin Mochrie. It was just my luck. I signed up when all the seats were reserved and was placed on waiting list. Some no-shows and voila! I found myself sitting first row. I rarely get to meet celebrities in life and ones that I actually know of. When I attended those big  architecture guest lectures in college, I usually end up in overflow rooms. Afterwards, even approaching "starchitects" was very intimidating.

After being stuck in university for 6 years, I decided to pause my traditional architectural career path and pause on an M.Arch because I wanted to learn something that is unrelated to Architecture...like Improv. I wanted to work on myself before pushing forward.  It's been a few months of taking comedy classes and the more I took classes and attended the events, a lot of the rules of improv are life lessons I want to apply in my professional life.

Anyways, I thought I would share some of the themes covered in the interview because it is applicable to any aspiring designer. Coming from creative and competitive fields, we will always be riding ups and downs and in-betweens and must be ready to cope and deal both failure and success.