June 18, 2014

Getting back into sketching

I noticed in school and at work that my moleskine sketchbooks have degenerated to chicken scratches in the past few years. It has become more words and less images. Inside my sketchbooks you see the writings of to-do lists and things I need to register in my head when I am in a meeting, getting feedback, or things I have heard in a lecture.

June 05, 2014

1 year work anniversary!

I do not know if putting the “Underdog Architecture Student’s Blog” on my resume was a good decision, but coupled with my work experience,  I think it alluded to my personality to garnish my capabilities.

For the past few months of working I began to see the similar interests with my colleagues at work. Just about a year ago, after months of cold calling firms, applying to job postings and constant portfolio revising, I was hired by a boutique architecture firm that wanted to take a chance on me. I am grateful because it was a lot of grunt work to find my first full-time job in architecture.

I thought for this post, I’d share some things that I have learned or am learning as I hit the one year mark at my job. Here’s some things you will realize once you enter the workplace #ArchitectureStudents