May 20, 2014

Learning from other fields: Architecture, Acting, and Film.

I have enjoyed this past weekend a lot. I got a chance to volunteer front of house and watch my friends from a comedy troupe hold their annual comedy revue. After the show I got some time to talk with the cast members and other friends that I have made in the comedy, acting and film world. As creative designers and artists – we all share similar struggles in confronting the design process and reaching for the best quality of work we can do.

From some of the friends I have made who are filmmakers, we don`t just experience late-nights and all-nighters on the computer from video editing, we experience the challenges of striking the balance between technological advances and exploring a design concept/premise. Whenever I see friends exhausted from editing a film, I can easily empathize with the all-nighters I had as a student of Architecture...or when I did my design competition over the holidays.  *cringe*

I think the most interesting conversation I had a few nights ago was being able to talk about the similarities between Architecture, Acting, and Film. We’re all confronted with finding our “concept” and figuring out the best technique to effectively deliver it to an audience (client in our field).  All of our fields are challenged in finding the best way to tell a story to the people who experience our craft.

We also deal with the challenges of the design process. It is not a clear formula and is easily be impacted by a whole swath of factors. The only way to improve your design process requires trial and error and going full circle from conception all the way to delivering the finished product and receiving feedback. Both actors and designers have to be willing to accept hard advice but not let it get to your head. There is a humility that is required.  There is the need to be able to take a few steps back after completing the design process and looking back at the good, the bad, the ugly and how it can be improved the next time around.

It was definitely a night at the pub I will not forget – honestly I thought Last Call was occurring at 11pm but it was really 2:30am.

I also want to share another conversation I had with from hanging out with my improv instructor and class from a few weeks ago, at a pub! *surprise!*. One of my friends asked, how an actor deals with the constant sleuth of auditions and rejections. My instructor made a profound statement that rings similar to what one of my Architecture professors made known to his class in studio. The successful artists are able to quickly move on from failure to failure and are constantly working on their craft – they don’t lie down after rejection. They constantly work towards getting better and improving themselves one way or another. This really rings about the determination to be successful in any creative field. For Architecture, it takes years of learning, working, certifications and updgrading to be the best Architect you can be. It’s those individuals that are willing to stay an extra hour or three in the working on their design. It’s those Architects that work really diligently to ensure they can do good work. It’s a spark of not just insight, but a roaring passion within that moves us to create and share to the world our ideas and our stories.

Architecture has a lot of similarities to other creative fields. 


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