May 21, 2014

What We Can Learn from Mad Men

Being the intrinsic New Yorker that I am, one of my favourite shows right now is Mad Men. The show sets us back to the 60s and explores the culture of the advertising industry. If you’ve watched the series, you are easily confronted with realizing the irony of how many of the things we consider wrong from that era still lay remnant in today’s society – dealing with issues of inequality, social status, and cultural norms. I have always wanted to write about Mad Men and tie it to the blog since the series is ending, and watching last Sunday night’s episode, The Strategy, it reminded me of lessons I am still trying to learn and figure out to this very day when dealing with perfectionism and anxiousness.

May 20, 2014

Learning from other fields: Architecture, Acting, and Film.

I have enjoyed this past weekend a lot. I got a chance to volunteer front of house and watch my friends from a comedy troupe hold their annual comedy revue. After the show I got some time to talk with the cast members and other friends that I have made in the comedy, acting and film world. As creative designers and artists – we all share similar struggles in confronting the design process and reaching for the best quality of work we can do.

May 06, 2014

Making Mistakes, Making Progress

After falling behind in architecture school, I find myself excessively self-conscious and overthinking things with each step I take designing or doing any task for that matter. It is not bad to edit your work and be self critical. However, it can be your downfall and get you nowhere when done excessively. I am happy to be getting out of my comfort zone starting my second level class of improv. I've been told the biggest pitfall in improv is to actually overthink and judge yourself. That’s right, I have to un-learn the negative habits I have acquired in design school and I am trying to find the balance of both extremes.