April 29, 2014

Just Finish It!

We’re heading into summer break if you are in North America and you probably are just finishing off your semester in school. Deadline comes, and some of the deliverable were not met, or not everything was done at your best. You rushed towards the deadline and at the end of the review; you basically realize that everything could have been better.

The lesson I need to present to you is this, you can work on your project beyond the deadline...and you must!

 Sure, your grade won’t change but if you can hold on to the feedback from the jury and fine tune your project now, you can find yourself in a better position having a portfolio ready for any job opportunities that come your way. You can also find yourself giving time on trying the tools and software you did not get to fully touch since you ran out of time. This was a little pitfall of why I fell behind. I didn’t do my final model in first year studio, I didn’t have a chance to render this, or do my project in that software. Falling behind failing to learn or hone a new skill builds up into a rolling snowball effect. 

I’m not saying re-design (it might be the last resort) but fix things to make your project worthy for your portfolio and realize that all your projects is a work-in-progress even beyond the deadline. 

I’ve learned it the hard way, and I know many students that did not give time to just improve their project and drawings right away after the semester. Many of us struggled at the end of our schooling trying to scramble for a portfolio – that is not the situation you want to find yourself in. We didn't find work in months, and some chose to switch careers. Realize the longer your delay in improving your project, the less feedback you retain, and the less you know about your design decisions and intent.
I saw dedicated students and friends that chose to work in the computer lab on their studio projects even after it was due, even if they were still recouping from the all-nighter a few nights back. They were strategic in wanting to ensure that they honed their skills and began their base portfolio. 

I did a competition a few months ago, and I got some Photoshop feedback from a friend. If I don't improve it now, how can I do the next competition better?  How will I learn if I did not know how to improve from my mistakes? 
 I do not know when I plan to apply for graduate school, but I’m realizing now that if I do not fix the design competition entry I did in January, I might forget what I did and I might find myself stressed when the time comes to work on my portfolio. I am even not starting the competition I want to do until I take some time to Photoshop some more of the renderings I did (I need more Photoshop practice). Yes, tax season is nigh (I just got mine done) and I have committed myself to comedy and bootcamp classes that fill my schedule and keep me busy 7 days a week, but I also need to ensure I dedicate some time to grad school portfolios as well.

If you want to ensure your skills and portfolio will be ready on time, make those small moves to improve and finish your projects early and not at the month when you’re scrambling for a job. 


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