April 29, 2014

Just Finish It!

We’re heading into summer break if you are in North America and you probably are just finishing off your semester in school. Deadline comes, and some of the deliverable were not met, or not everything was done at your best. You rushed towards the deadline and at the end of the review; you basically realize that everything could have been better.

April 15, 2014

Collaboration & Communication

Last weekend, I just finished the first level of improv classes! (and yes, I have signed up for the next level). I am confronted in class on how to become better in collaborating and communicating with others. The past few weeks have focused on the importance of listening, accepting others ideas, and adding to another person’s idea when we play on stage – we do not refuse or reject what they say in the moment but we agree and add on. Reciprocally, we equally establish and drive the scene, even giving up our own ideas to create something unique.

April 07, 2014

Every Little Bit Counts.

It’s spring time and I decided to go for a jog after a hiatus from hibernating like a bear this winter. To be honest – the jog was not pretty. I cannot jog as good (for a guy of my size and type) as I used to. I might suck in the eyes of people looking at me when I jog. I decided to go out a jog and that’s what counts. I might not be where I wanted to be but I wanted to start working towards getting active as the temperature heats up.