February 25, 2014

3 powerful tips for becoming remarkable

This week’s post is from John Michael Wilyat (@JMWilyat). He is the Co-Founder of Real FX Digital, a company that provides solutions through architectural rendering and animation. Last week, I received tweets about RealFX Digital (@realFXdigital) offering tutorials on rendering. Photoshop and rendering machines was not my forte in design school - I picked it up doing my portfolio. Today, I am using it monthly at work for the marketing and rendering tasks I have before me. I highly recommend visiting their website because they provide tips on what you need to stay on top of your game. The tutorials are thorough in explaining the process and workflow to be proficient at rendering your studio projects. Without further ado, here's this week's post:

February 17, 2014

Getting it Right VS. Getting it Done (Part I)

For any architecture student, we get that new studio project brief with renewed delight and joy. After feeling crappy from yesterday's design review, your optimism (and naivety) is renewed with the new project. With a new project, we hope to NOT pull any All-Nighters and/or (2) ensure a project that is worthy of praise come presentations.

February 03, 2014

All-Nighters Never Really Worked for Me.

The week my design competition was due , I experienced those stressful days that I had when I was an Architecture Student. I was tired, anxious, worried while trying to push the design at the same time. It was as if I was taking studio all over again. How could anyone be able to design and think while skipping out on sleep?