December 23, 2013

Seasons Greetings! From My Studio Desk to Yours!

To close the year off, I would like to send my warmest wishes to all my readers and followers! I wish all of you a Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2014.  All of you have given me a voice to share my story, my experience, and my reflections as a architecture blogger and it is ultimately you that have made The Underdog Architecture Student’s Blog where it is today.

In my senior year of Architecture School, I began blogging to help cope with my experiences from counselling and falling behind in architecture school. I fell behind - and I fell big! My hobby of Facebook notes...which turned to blogging was my way to vent out and make meaning with my struggles as a student. A few months after graduation, I made the decision to make The Underdog Architecture Student’s Blog bigger and share it beyond my friends on Facebook realizing that a lot of the struggles I dealt with were quite common among my peers who study architecture. It is amazing to see how this blog has grown in the past year and continues to slowly attract design students that are able to identify with the writer: the underdog design student, the architecture student that failed his studio course, or the architecture student that struggles with problems that are kept hush hush inside the walls of the Architecture Building.

I must say one of the biggest challenges for me right now is coming up with new content. More specifically, posts catered to the narrative of the Underdog Architecture Student. I am just over a year away from the academic setting and it becomes a bit challenging to keep up with regular posts and write from the point of view of an Architecture Student. Even the friends that I have made in school - more and more graduate and move forward in their careers. It is tough when you throw in a full-time job and exercise classes and other projects. However, I do NOT intent to stop blogging. I do have big dreams for this blog especially when I come back to school to acquire my M.Arch, but in the next year or two I do not intend to go back to school.

During my moratorium away from Architecture School, most of my future posts will focus on the divide between  Academia and Practice as of now, I have been at my current firm for 6 months!  Future blog entries will talk about how I use my interests to learn things outside of Architecture and see how applicable they are to an Architect-in-training. My blog will continue to talk about problems in Architecture School where I deem fit (eg. All-nighters, Favouritism, Grades, e.t.c.). The next few years will show my preparation and exploration of things to gear up for graduate school.

As always, I am open to new topics and suggestions from my readers! If you have a topic you want me to cover on the blog, I am always open to emails and comments!

Cheers! my friends!
So get ready, get set. Bring it on 2014! Here we go!

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