September 02, 2013

On your mark, get set, GO!

On your mark, get set, GO! Don't overlook the first week of school Architecture Students! You want to start off with your best foot forward and ready to tackle the work that's in store...
I remember in my second year in studio, my first project was due in two weeks...and then in third year we had a ruthless group research project due in two weeks. From first hand experience, you want to switch right into school mode.

It is very tempting to treat the first week of school as an easy time of transition and to still let loose. (And for other programs, it is true I guess because there was first week festivals, parades and picnics I missed out on) Architecture, well to be honest you have to run the moment your first studio project gets released (and that's 1-2 days when you begin school).

I dunno, for those of you who are just entering college..and particularly architecture school - there's no such thing as an easy first week. Architecture School has a lot of work and there is so much to complete within a span of 12 weeks of a semester.

From my personal experience, I was naive in second year...and third to realize that it would be an easy week to welcome the school with a rude awakening of group projects and assignments to prepare. I would like to warn those recent high school grads that college expects you to be more responsible for your actions and you need to take accountability - it's up to you to how you want to put into your education.

My advice for those students starting a new architecture school year - get ready to have some fun, get ready to get immersed into design, lastly - don't forget to get ready to put your best foot forward as you begin!

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

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