July 15, 2013

Talent & Capability - I think it can be honed.

With my previous controversial article on Good Grades does not (necessarily*) a Good Designer Make , I got some strong reactions: new facebook likes on my fan page and posts and even an architecture student sent his rebuttal to try and provide his views on why good grades do make good designers.

* ok, yes, I probably should have added "necessarily" to the title

In the end, I believe the argument really boils down to how does one view talent and capability. How passionate is one individual to pursue their interests if they are not as naturally talented as the next guy. Is being talented something that you are gifted at by birth and can run a life of great success once your realize  your capability and strengths? Is it your natural ability to just own it and succeed through school and life without failure and act like yous a boss? Are you talented by ultimately a gaining and honing skill that needs practice in order to strengthen your ability? I stick to the latter of the spectrum and believe that it is ultimately based on ones drive, passion, and commitment to be willing to grow and push their limits. It takes years to build an architect up with the vast amount of knowledge you have to acquire, apply and master. Does a curriculum define your own measure of personal and professional growth? for me, probably not. If anything it provides you the foundation to build your career. Ultimately, the most important question lies in where you will take your education and college experience beyond the studio and into the professional life that you want.