May 27, 2013

Reflections from the Post-Grad Job Hunt!

It’s been a year since I graduated and I know many architecture students have reached the day that kinda diminishes the intensity of late nights, all-nighters, among the other stressors you would normally expect as a student of architecture.  The job hunt after graduation is probably one of the most stressful experiences I have had and if it was not for my experiences of falling behind as a student I do not believe I would have been able cope as resiliently as I did. If failure did anything, it was an exercise and training in persistence. As a recurring theme in my blogs, true passion and persistence is a necessary trait in a highly competitive, extremely demanding and poor low-wage field like architecture.

May 14, 2013

Portfolios: Some advice from a recent grad (Part II - Momentum)

I would like to finish off this portfolio advice series with a less prescriptive outlook on how to get your collection of work off to interviews. We're hitting summer in North America and that moment of freedom from architecture school can put a lot of students behind in the job hunt. After years of toiling through the night in studio to just being free from school it is too easy to have fun and lose focus after school. The weather is nicer outside and it can be really tempting to slack off and chill and come September realize and you still have not found a job. 

May 09, 2013

Portfolios: Some advice from a recent grad (Part I)

Last weekend, I decided to attend a Portfolio Review event hosted by Architecture for Humanity Toronto. As someone who graduated just almost a year ago, applied to numerous firms, and landed only 3 interviews at the end of the day, I really wanted to get some feedback just to know what can I do to improve, and what am I doing wrong to not get 6 or even 9 interviews from applying to 70+ firms in the past few months. After receiving feedback, I guess I realized that it is rough job market for entry-level architecture jobs, even though things are picking up and I shouldn't be too hard on myself. From the event, I got to get my portfolio reviewed by a professor and professional with regards to M.Arch applications and on the basis of job hunting, respectively.

May 01, 2013

Lessons from Improvisational Theatre

As I continue to enjoy the moments of freedom after Architecture School, I want explore different things that is NOT architecture for sanity’s sake. I was stuck in architecture school for a pretty long time and there were things in my life and in college that I wanted to do. I wanted to explore my cultural identity, workout and try new things. Since my first year of University I have always been fascinated in the performing arts. I attended different plays from different playwrights and troupes in Toronto and I am fascinated how actors  are able to recreate world and immerse an audience into that story setting through crafted dialogue and acting. Whereas designers usually have to convey a story through the construction and manipulation of space and framing the circulation and experience to tell a story. Actors have to convey emotion, tone, mood in order to transport their audience into the world in which their characters live.  It’s that art of communication which transforms and engages, and I feel like architects and designers can learn a thing or two...because when it comes to communication I think it’s something all of us designers and students can learn from and apply to our careers.