April 08, 2013

Architecture + Design Films I'm Excited For (2013)

In addition to my list of 2013 design documentaries i’m excited for besides REM by Thomas Koolhaas, I thought I would share some film trailers for design documentaries that I have came across recently. I’m not really just about the books, I think the art of documentary and film making dynamically  conveys layers of information and meaning effectively. This can compliment the lectures and readings given to the architecture student - keep things interesting. Documentaries centered to issues on Architecture and Design can help you open eyes to the field and keep you inspired and engaged.
(Hopefully if the directors are reading this...PLEASE VIEW YOUR FILMS IN TORONTO via our Documentary Theatres and Film Festivals and TV Stations!). P.S. Thanks to two good friends who studied architecture in Chicago and New York City that coincidently posted these trailers last Friday Afternoon on facebook.

So here it goes. Some up and coming design documentaries that I hope to see in the near future...

Directors: David Krantz & Ian Harris
Arbuckle Industries (2008 - Trailer recently released. Film coming soon)

Archiculture Official Trailer from arbuckle industries on Vimeo.

As this blog is a strong advocate for studio culture that welcomes and embraces all students to stay and learn in studio, I found this movie quite interesting because it showcases the  lives of 5  Architecture students completing their thesis year in one of the top Architecture Schools in the US. In the heat of the moment, I bet all of us started thinking that Architecture School be made as a documentary or reality series like Survivor and the Real World. There is so much individual and group struggle, pressure, and drama to go around that it can be a goldmine of dynamic story making.

A few years ago, Sundance Channel in the US brought us Architecture School which looks into the lives of a final year design-build studio at Tulane University that focused on homes for families impacted by Hurricane Katrina. However, I think Archiculture will deliver a much more raw and real insight about the studio experience and architectural education.

Design & Thinking
Director: Mu-Ming Tsai
Muris Media, 2011

I think this film should be an interesting one that covers the benefits of using the design process in businesses, organizations, and leadership. Design has the power to make an impact in societies and we're seeing moves like Public Interest Design becoming more known and mainstream.  Now, let’s be honest, many architecture graduates will end up looking to new ways to use their architectural training to do non-traditional design practice. Some of us will find our interests elsewhere after banking life experiences and figuring out our career path and there are many that I have met that taken the unorthodox career path with their architecture education. The design methodology that we have honed does have great application to providing new and fresh solutions to entrepreneurship.

It is going to be interesting to see how the next form of doing business will change by tapping into creativity and design. I believe this film has promise to show this current transformation.

While you wait...

..If anything here is some good films to buy or check your local docs cinema while you are waiting for these films would be film maker Gary Hustwit’s Design TrilogyHelvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized – all of which beautifully focus on Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Architecture, respectively.

Urbanized from Smile on Vimeo.

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