April 23, 2013

Architecture Student Book Roundup: Graphical Representation Primer

So, after going through architecture school at one point in my life, I decided to provide a list of books that might help you in architecture school...particularly the freshman. Graphic representation and conventions need to be honed down and asap. Like a language you speak, you need to be fluent in how you convey your design intent and I've seen architecture students across all the years struggle in drawing conventions. This week, I'm gonna suggest these books for the freshman architecture student in terms of beefing up your graphical representation skills. These books cover a wide array from computer drawing, hand rendering, sketching, model making. Note, wait for the first day of class to figure out what books you need to buy and initially check these books out in the library first to gauge if you will need to keep referring to them, and decide to buy them.

April 17, 2013

Should I stay or should I go? - Part II

Last weekend I visited my friends who were presenting their studio projects at one of my prospective grad schools for M.Arch. I am  fortunate to have architecture school friends across Canada who are getting their M.Arch in besides my Alma Mater. It makes it easier background research for where I want to study and get a student perspective. Some of my classmates in undergrad have opted to study elsewhere for Masters. I have asked some of them, in the past few months, why they chose to shift gears for graduate school and I received a good response from a number of them. So In this entry, I will outline the pros and cons from my conversations with them.

April 16, 2013

Should I stay or should I go? - Part I

So in the past year, I have visited the top 3 schools on my M.Arch wish list. Two are in NYC, and one in Toronto. Just recently watched my two good friends present their comprehensive studio projects last weekend and has really given me some thought to consider when I should go for grad school, as well as where I want to study. I'm kinda wanting to not commit "University Incest", but there is also some benefit of studying in the same school you did your undergrad.

April 10, 2013

More to the world outside of Architecture.

I have usually described to friends and family that architecture school is pretty much the continuation of high school – in a sense that you would be exposed to a broad range of courses covering different subjects and exposing you to different schools of thinking. For instance, health science students would be focused more on courses like chemistry, psychology, and sociology. Business Students would be taking  courses from accounting to marketing. Engineers would focus on physics and calculus. As a holistic individual, I've always wanted to learn about different things and I felt architecture school gave me that mixed bag of subjects from humanities to sciences to the arts. After graduating, I'm interested in learning things outside of Architecture...for sanity's sake.

April 08, 2013

Architecture + Design Films I'm Excited For (2013)

In addition to my list of 2013 design documentaries i’m excited for besides REM by Thomas Koolhaas, I thought I would share some film trailers for design documentaries that I have came across recently. I’m not really just about the books, I think the art of documentary and film making dynamically  conveys layers of information and meaning effectively. This can compliment the lectures and readings given to the architecture student - keep things interesting. Documentaries centered to issues on Architecture and Design can help you open eyes to the field and keep you inspired and engaged.