March 26, 2013

Post Grad Phase: Stay Informed. Stay Engaged.

I feel that this post is valuable if you are currently studying architecture, and even for those that are taking a break between undergrad and graduate architecture school. As I apply for work and wait, it is always good to stay engaged with the profession and the culture of architecture – networking and talking to professionals. You want to keep current with the trends, the fads, the movements and issues surrounding architecture and the profession. For the past few months (and until I get back to grad school) I have been attending Movie Night series provided by the Toronto Society of Architects, the Bulthup Lecture Series at Daniels School of Architecture Landscape & Design to keep engaged with the architecture community and the latest trends. I think this is valuable time after graduation to reflect and really look deeper into the things that interested you in school. I take this as an opportunity to figure out what I would like to do for thesis and what aspects in the discourse of architecture inspires me.

March 14, 2013

The Art of the Design Review - PART II

So the tables have turned for me. I went back to my architecture school. Not as a student, but this time as a guest critic for interim studio presentations. It was a bit new to me, because this is the first time I have been asked to be part of the jury studio presentations.

March 11, 2013

Construction Site Visits

Walk around your city – you cannot help but notice the different buildings that are undergoing construction in different parts of town. It is easy to overlook these places, but for students of architecture and young professionals, it is a great way to see how construction is done and help you understands the technicalities of building construction – how are things put together seeing the dynamic relationship between structure, servicing, walls, floors, finishes. This is of utmost value for the student who is doing a comprehensive building design studio, or is working on permit drawings for a design firm. Perhaps my next point is on the fact that I have been doctrinated by a professors who practice architecture, pretty images and renderings are one thing, but at the end of the day we make money by getting something built for clients.

March 05, 2013

Move Forward: Tips on the (Architecture) Job Hunt

Sorry for the delay on blog post my fellow readers. For the past few weeks I've been pushing and working to look for work in the architecture world.

It’s that time of the year when many students are beginning to flood the mailboxes of architecture offices with resumes and portfolios. I have to say it’s a tough market out there, especially for a profession that is saturated. In North America, architecture schools have been cranking out many graduates into a field that is small. For those who live in urbanized areas, looking for an architecture job in a metropolitan city with more than one architecture school in the region means tougher job competition. How do you manage to get your foot in the door to becoming a Junior or Intern Architect?