February 14, 2013

Architecture Student Book Roundup: Building Technology Primer

Architecture school books tend to be more go-to references guides while you develop your designs - especially if you need a technical design response (eg comprehensive building design studio). You usually have to figure out the build-ability and technology and dimensions yourself - none of your courses will give you a thorough detail on dimensions of furniture, seating, or typical elevators, heating systems, sizing of your shafts and ducts - you have to find it out or get an approximate size or placeholder to continue progressing in your design. Whether it is structure, mechanical systems, electrical systems, building envelope - they are critical and should garnish your education in learning about how to design a building. Some of these are books that will guide you and even follow you after university (well Building Construction Illustrated and the Architect's Studio Companion - I know friends and colleagues have shown through Facebook post or people who are preparing for their licencing examinations).

February 05, 2013

Lunch Inside the Crystal

Last weekend I went to the c5 restaurant to meet up with my friends for a little fine dining during Winterlicious, Toronto’s restaurant week in February. The restaurant is located inside of Daniel Libeskind’s Michael Lee Chin Crystal at the Royal Ontario Museum. As an architecture enthusiast, along with my fellow classmates and guests from Detroit...how could we not go? And how could I not blog about my two loves of Cuisine and Architecture?  This had The Underdog Architecture Student’s Blog written all over it!