January 03, 2013

WELCOME 2013! Time to expand!

As 2013 is here, I want to continue to expand my blog by being a story hunter and broadcaster. I want to expand this blog and hear from the architecture students currently in architecture school. There are so many of us that have experienced studio culture - the good and bad, and I would like to present a diverse and colourful story about studio culture with my blog. I want to hear those that are going through the studio experience and how they coped and improved and what did they learn. I wanna hear about those students that blog.

Those that did Design-build studios, travel-abroad studios,  we would love to hear you share your personal experience. I have not covered a lot of those experiences in architecture school as I have not had the chance to do a design build or go to Europe, Asia, for a design studio like my friends. I  would like to hear from others about their experience and the value from learning by travelling or building.

I also want to hear from other underdog architecture students and professionals. I'd like to hear from those individuals who have broken boundaries, defied the odds, succeeded through failure. So for this post, I`d love to launch my call out for guest blog posts, or even informational interviews.

The culture of architecture school stems to embrace the gifted, and the best, while the rest are left behind - as if success is only entitled to the gifted and talented exclusively. However, I believe that many of us that have made it, have went through struggles in order to grow and succeed. This is the page untold of many successful people and I would love to share your story on my blog.


  1. I'm a huge FAN and SUPPORTER of you and this blog, as you've definitely 'motivated me' when I doubted myself in this field. You've somehow created a normalcy regarding certain struggles that we students feel as we pump in the midnight oil and question our own abilities, yet always retaining a positive stance on how we should push ourselves. I think it's a GREAT idea implementing us (your readers) to share our stories, it's a network that allows us to vent, encourages us, share perspectives and creates a support group-which we all pretty much need! So here's to 2013 and our expanding writers!!!

    1. Hi Staci,

      Thanks for the support. It's always great to hear how this blog is helping other students.