January 14, 2013

Post-Grad Phase: Keep Busy & Persist!

"Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them!" – C.J. Walker

Sorry for the slow rate of posts my friends. It’s been busy for the past few weeks. From part-time drafting work, to doing a design competition, and getting on the grind with job applications for architecture and architecture-related fields – My time is occupied after graduation from architecture school. There have been late nights, all-nights, and busy times – it does not look pretty after graduation.
I have recently applied to be an intern for a major architecture blog and I have been given writing assignments as part of the selection process. Now that we're into 2013, I hope everyone takes the new year as a chance to refocus on your goals and charge!

This ultimately brings me to the topic of this entry – stay busy and aspire for your dreams and your career. Find ways to stay engaged during your job search. Being students of design, realize that you have to find ways to keep flexing that design muscle. I just did a design competition and even though it was a rough experience, I still want to go for more design competitions in the future. Even though I have been rejected by a few firms and jobs already, I am still aiming to apply to them.

The point I`m trying to make is that once you graduate you got to stay busy one way or another. It`s been a rough few months, but my friends around me sometimes remind me that these actions are steps toward the bigger picture. It can be a discourage feeling like all the things you aspired for are not going as planned and you just have to let it be, but that`s when passion and what you truly desire in life become tested. How hungry are you? How much efforts are you willing to put to get somewhere in life?

I think after my graduation I had my share of fun times. I have had my moments of highs and lows. You have to surround yourself with people that will keep you motivated. If you need to keep yourself productive by working at that library or cafe then you should go there to keep you positive through the rough patches. I had to realize somewhat late last summer that I needed to get out of the home and just work outside on my portfolio to get somewhere. Go to the resources that can help you take the step in the right direction – I’ve been to networking events, grad school fairs, and sought out help from my college’s Career Centre to see what resources I need to help me on my job hunt. You have to realize that you are the captain of your ship and it's up to you to keep strong in following through your dreams.

Here’s a song to keep you motivated - It's Time by Imagine Dragons (Okay, I heard it on Glee and I felt the message is fitting for those who are struggling and are in the hustle and bustle of the Post-Grad Phase).

"So this is what you meant
When you said that you were spent
And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit
Right to the top
Don't hold back"

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