December 18, 2012

The Underdog Architecture Student's "9 Ways Succesfful People Defeat Stress" Response

I just recently ran across this article over the weekend on Harvard Business Review blog site on the 9 Ways Successful People Defeat Stress by Heidi Grant Halvorson. Quite inspired and got a lot from it, I thought I would put an Architecture School twist to the nine points. Some of the nine points were things that I had to work on and realize in undergrad. It is good to read the actual article first before looking at mine architecture students. When I was an architecture student, there were many times I was stressed out. The key is to learn from those experiences by looking at what went wrong, what can be improved and find ways to improve your work ethic and handling of those stressful times. As a lot of students reach the end of the winter term, it might be good to take a breather and look back at how you handled the situation. We don't get any time at all to take a step from the stress of studio and projects during the semester to reflect.

(Here's a heads up: Everyone deals and handles with stress differently - you have to  figure out what works for you. What has worked for me might not work for everyone.)

December 06, 2012

Stay Profesh: The Value of Networking

If you recalled from my recent blog posts, I have always been gravitated and valued being engaged with architecture student and professional associations as an undergrad. They are a great way to meet and network with people in the field. From my involvement with the AIAS at times, and from attending the AIA NY – Emerging New York Architect’s Future Now Summit, last September (blog entry link below), I wanted to find out if there are similar groups that advocate and value architecture and design in hometown, Toronto.

December 03, 2012

Personal Branding (Part II)

“Simply put, a brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a service, it delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality.” – Walter Landor, Advertising Legend.
The second part of this entry could not have been done without the help of a tweet from a friend, and also attending a leadership workshop by leadership coaches Bobby Ummar, Carol Gover, and Karimah Hudda on looking for that “Something Else” in your life. Prior to this workshop I was naive to just think that branding was simply an all-out saturation and bombardment of strategic iconography and consistent graphics. After that workshop (which coincidentally attended RIGHT AFTER writing the first part), my views began to change.