November 29, 2012

Personal Branding (Part 1)

It’s that buzz word that is almost becoming cliché, in my opinion (well for the design circles). But you need to brand yourself as an emerging professional who is networking, looking for work or starting up a business. With my recent affinity to attending networking events and entrepreneurs and one of the trends that I’m seeing is how you stand out in the job market from the hundreds of people competing with for work. Branding is not just important for firms, it’s also important for prospective employees. As emerging designers and professionals who recently graduated or near to finishing their degrees, you have to ask yourselves how you will stand out from the rest of applicants.

November 27, 2012

Studio Tips: Physical Modelling

Though the Laser Cutter, 3D-Printer, and CNC Milling Machine are now becoming the hottest trend in Model Making, an architecture student should know their way around the shop and also how to use the right materials and tools, and able to make physical models out of cardboard and glue. Marrying all old and new technologies in model making will give you an advantage in showcasing your design intent.

November 09, 2012

Bite Back! - The Post Grad Phase

I naively thought it wasn’t going to happen to me. My friends that have graduated have warned me: Prepare for the depressing months after your graduation. And I thought listening to a lot of inspiring TED featured talks from ivy league commencement addresses would be suffice (it helps a bit). For many students, they might begin to do their portfolio – the late bloomers (and I`m in the same boat). Some might get their job offers early since they prepared their portfolio on time during school and just in time to pay their student loans. Some might struggle and have a different scenario. It’s really a waiting game and it can get frustrating and disheartening at times and I try to be positive through this experience. Failing and falling behind has prepared me to be positive through it. A lot of college students deal with this, what I`d like to call the “Post-Grad” phase. 

November 06, 2012

The Art of the Design Review - PART I

The Design Review – it’s the most anxious-inducing, vulnerable conclusion to your design project for studio. To be able to present your design concept and ideas to your peers and a jury of professors and practitioners can be a bit scary. I remember talking to someone when I visited the Pratt Institute for their tours and the student told me that she was critiqued by Steven Holl (If I was in her shoes, I would not know how to keep confident, calm, cool, and collected - I'd probably be scared).