September 25, 2012

Weekend New York Trip - FTW!

Looking south on Broadway and the public spaces provided!

Sorry for the delay in posts. Last weekend I travelled all the way to New York City to check out the FUTURE NOW Summit hosted by the Emerging New York Architects of AIA NY. This was a great time for me to meet up with friends that I have made from my previous travels, as well as family that live in the United States. Every trip I make I`m starting to love and appreciate this city more and more every time.

My trip is different than my previous trips in New York City. It was just for a weekend, not really organized with a checklist and booklet of places to visit. I went with a career focus and walked around this beautiful city when I had time. However, I had the chance to do a few other things like some unhealthy doses of sugary dining, and a lot of sightseeing and walking around. I was not able to go into the museums like MoMA...but that just gives me a reason come to get back in my empire state of mind again. Sometimes, the simplest act of experiencing the city by walking around the area and seeing the people, culture, and buildings is awesome. It is NYC where people can experience the beauty and spontaneity of a crowded city.

Broadway Street....all the furnishings designed with care
...even the garbage cans!

I really love the public spaces that New York City has. This was the first time that I was able to really see Bryant Park and just relax. I also decided to take a walk along Broadway at daytime and just see creation of public space with the closing of laneways dedicated for pedestrian and cyclist paths, as well as lots of seating, plants, and tables for tourists and local new Yorkers to enjoy.

Last time you saw me check out the Highline, and I was lucky enough to visit the Lowline exhibit which is showcasing the possibilities of revitalizing some of the abandoned warehouses and underground areas of the lower east side of New York.

I'm back in Toronto and sometimes, I feel like my heart is slowly being owned and taken by New York City with every visit. Hopefully, I'll be fortunate in the next few years to find myself in one of the architecture graduate schools there and perhaps be able to work there for a year or three. Cheers to you New York! You always do me right every time I visit. Kudos to you!

NYC does me right with food too!
Chicken & (RED VELVET!) Waffles
 Check out  Fat Buddha at Avenue A &  E 13th Street 
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