September 27, 2012

The Future Now Summit!

I just arrived back in Toronto from my little weekend excursion to New York City. For this visit, my purpose was to attend the FUTURE NOW Summit presented by the Emerging New York Architects (ENYA) of AIA NY. I was informed of the event thanks to some good friends I knew from AIAS NYIT. I feel quite rejuvenated and motivated when I attend these architecture conferences as I search for work. Being in a world-renowned city famous for the architecture, meeting and talking to other students and professionals in the architecture industry, and hearing talks concerned with the future of our profession reminds me of why I wanted to be in architecture and how great and important this field is.

The morning began with a keynote by David Zach, who provided the important framework in how architects should be thinking and concerning themselves in moving to the future and being relevant. I’ve been very fortunate to hear Mr. Zach in previous AIAS conferences that I have attended. His speeches are always inspiring and motivating, telling us to focus primarily on our values and philosophy in life before the latest fads and trends if we want to be forward and relevant as a field. Following the framework was a keynote roundtable discussion where professionals and architectural enthusiasts were showcasing their use of new technologies, like social media, into the work that they do. Debates and discussions were passionate and heated. Individuals who presented, came from the broader range of what architecture entails, with each individual specialized in a particular aspect in the field - some looking into historical styles, some using blogging, some using social media, and some using computation and parametric design.

Lunch was a great chance for students and new grads to network and get to know with AIA fellows where career advice and direction was discussed. Following the luncheon was a charette based on coming up with a new business alternative for the architecture field. Groups were formulated of professionals, recent graduates, and students working together. Ideas from each group were presented at the end of the summit.

We presented our solution from our charette team. Photo Credit: Olivia L.
Attending the conference was definitely valuable and timely as architecture is continue to expand and deal with the new technologies that are emerging. Hearing the discussion from architects, students, professionals helped in showing the changes that the profession is currently dealing with.

Now what my friends from ENYA have mentioned,
there's always a socializing event to close the festivities.
(Kinda hope there's something like ENYA in Toronto)
I did not want to disclose too much info on the summit, as they have a blog site that documents the events that unfolded at Future Now. You can read and know more about the conference and the discussions that went on with their blog site.

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