July 26, 2012

You've Been Accepted to Architecture School and Amped Up!

You responded to your acceptance letter and in September you will begin a new chapter in your educational career. Now, for those of you who are eager to find out about architecture school or start getting your hands dirty with what architecture is. I recommend you check out these books and videos if you have time. They don't fully dig deep into what you'll get in 4-5 years of undergrad, as it is just the scratching of the surface, but sure is a great stepping stone this summer.

TV Show: Architecture School (2008)
Sundance Channel (USA)
Tulane's school of architecture is known for URBAN BUILD, which partners up with it's local housing association to build contemporary affordable homes. This stems from the impact of Hurricane Katrina. This TV series focuses on a 1-year Design-Build studio. You can find their episodes online via itunes. check out the show's website.

Book: 101 Things I learned in Architecture School (2007)
by: Matthew Frederick
MIT Press

You are going to run into a lot of those architecture books that you will refer to again and again! The success of Frederick's book is that it is able to succinctly communicate very useful concepts for architectural designers. He does this so well by maintaining brevity while utilizing strong, yet simple hand sketches and diagrams to drive the point home.Definitely a book you need to have in your knapsack or drafting table, it is a go-to book.

Book: How to Architect (2012)
by: Doug Patt
MIT Press

I ran into this book at a bookstore. Though I was not able buy it at that moment, I recognized it as Doug Patt's work after seeing his How To Architect Video Series on YouTube. So I'm assuming that it covers much more and delves further into his videos. What's great about Patt's work is that his online videos serve to promote architecture to the public to break preconceived notions of architecture as just the making of pretty things but informs his audience that architecture and design is multifaceted and involves so much more. His online video posts are an introductory to how designers work, what architects do, and what architecture and design really is. Great preamble for the freshman going to architecture school this fall.
Check out his How to Architect Website and his How to Architect You Tube Channel


  1. This is just as insightful and fun for those who are just getting out of Undergrad =) Thanks.

    1. Thanks Sarah for the support! Please pass to your other friends in undergrad, even if they are in UofT!

  2. Here's another great book to check out: http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?tid=5501&ttype=2