July 25, 2012

Post-grad life...and where is this blog going?

It's my first summer after graduating last June. Since the move back home and not seeing my friends and classmates and professors as regularly as I did, I have been running into what I'd like to call the "Post-Grad Phase" that many of my friends have warned me about.  It's harder to be productive as I want to....I have to work on my portfolio and sometimes I'm crushed with feeling like my work is not up to par which further sets be behind, or I'm being distracted easily at home (at least when I was in downtown, I would just head to the CAD Lab). The feeling of being jobless is unsettling and depressing, and I guess that is what's forcing me to get my butt on my feet again and at the same time I'm battling my anxieties, perfectionism and lack of rendering capabilities to bring a portfolio together. I'm starting my prayers at church and asking for guidance to get on my feet to work. (I think I hit stagnant after returning home from travelling) I dunno how long this wait we'll be and how much work I need to do with my portfolio (believe me, it has quite a ways to go).

At the same time, I'm trying to "de-architecturalize" my mind. I'm starting to get into some TV shows like Mad Men, White Collar, The Newsroom...quite different from my high school classics like Family Guy or The Simpsons. I'm starting to hang out with friends and catch up with people I have not seen in a while (thanks you guys for bowling and dining last Friday!) I wish I had the gym next to me, I jog though at a running track at a high school in my neighbourhood.

However, this is not just what my summer has been since I have been back from my NYC trip. I've been going to networking events. My friend gave me the lead into a networking workshop. I attended my first alumni association event where I got to mingle with people, outside of architecture. I was one of those students that wanted to broaden my networking.

Anyways, from that alumni social event, I met a friend that offers leadership workshops...this is where my blog comes in....it turns out from this event, it reinforced where my interests, passion, and strengths lie as an individual and how it can be used for good. I realized that this blog has potential. I know many friends have talked to me about this blog since it's inception, but I plan now to expand and let it grow more.

Going to utilize social media! Like us on Facebook (and hopefully soon, twitter)
There are many students like me that have either felt insufficient. I have met students that dealt with emotional and mental health issues and have fell behind. I have told my story of failure to friends and strangers in Canada and the United States in conversations and workshops, and many of us share in the common struggles, setbacks, and trials that architecture school brings to our lives. There are students that jumped into Architecture School, fresh from high school, and some tend to fall greater than others. Which is why in the next few months, I'm transitioning the Underdog Architecture Student's blog into a go-to guide for architecture students and a serve as a testimony that even if you failed studio, or dropped a course, or dealt with unfortunate circumstances - you will pull through.

Get ready. Get set. The Underdog Architecture Student's Blog is on a roll!


  1. AWESOME! Ulysses, I am so excited to see where this blog will take you, other students, and young professionals who may feel they are stuck in a rut. You know that I understand that students may love architecture, but find their skills are stronger in other fields or areas. -- You only get out, what you put in. And if you want to be an architect, you will work at it and it will happen. Glad to see that you are putting in the work and spirit to make it happen!

    1. Thanks Becky for your support of this blog. I remember a year ago and how you saw potential in how it can relate to a very quiet matter we deal with as architecture students.