June 11, 2012

Undergrad Done - Thanks Everyone!

To the Ryerson Architecture Class of 2012  (and all my friends in the other years) – It was quite a roller coaster ride and it was a pleasure spending it with you. I'll remember our times inside the Architecture Building, from the all-nighters, weekends, summer breaks, student groups, 325 magazine, and the group projects; we were there for each others moral support and we learned from each other.  Architecture school really tests an individual, and it made us stronger in the end.

I have waited for a while to graduate (some of you know it’s really long), and I couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of our Almighty God in blessing me with the persistence and wisdom in finishing, along with providing great professors, classmates, peers, and family who supported me through it all. It was a rough 6 years, dealing with success and failure.

Going out of sync with a year (or two) in architecture school can be really difficult and I know how it feels – feeling insecure, isolated, with a new set of peers. Feeling behind and  alone when your friends and classmates who were with you originally move forward and you cannot help but feel stagnant. Those views like feeling that I wasn't the ideal star student I wanted to be, the feeling of being insufficient and feeling like other students had more opportunities than me catalyzed self-loathing and self -doubt which had to be re-framed and challenged. I had to learn how to push away the negativity; I learned how to challenge my own views of myself through introspection.  I had to really dig deep inside to find that student that wanted this since childhood and use that passion and aspiration through finishing school.

It is my faith that God led me through all of this and facing adversity with a purpose to become ever more resilient and humbled. I also had to learn about the importance of working hard and being a team player. I learned that some things in life cannot be rushed and you must be patient. I had to learn the importance of humility. I realized the importance of trusting in God through prayer, which provided me the strength and persistence to finish my studies.

I remember a few years ago, right after failing studio, how I decided to go to church more and just pray to God for help. I asked God to surround me with friends, professors and peers who would support and be with me to the end of my degree, with people who saw potential in me and would overlook the failed studio mark and fell behind. I asked God to help me improve and fix whatever has made me fall behind.

My final two years at Ryerson University attests to my prayers answered - all of you who were with me through these years is a manifestation of how God and faith can overturn one’s bleakest scenario into a positive one. I worked along with you  in studio. Our friendship made our time at university memorable and bearable. Getting the chance to work with you through AIAS, 325 Magazine, and the Helsinki Competition has been a privilege! I am forever grateful to the professors I have had in my electives and in studio who have taught me so much, had faith in my potential,  responded quickly to my emails, and kept their office doors open when I needed help. 

Gonna miss this building...(i'm most likely gonna be back asap...but will miss this)

So here`s to these years of architecture school Ryerson Architecture Class of 2012 and to the awesome professors we have been learned from through these years – Keep in touch! I wish you all the best! 

Screw goodbyes – it`s more about see you later!

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