March 14, 2012

In the heat of it all. Final Semester

I just felt like writing about my experiences as I'm finishing off my final semester.

The tone is a bit different, there are a lot of things to be done despite having a lighter course load than everyone. I'm currently designing a Catholic Church in Toronto's West Don lands, helping out a design competition for a Library in Finland. I'm pulling alot of all-nighters for studio, modelling and sketching away. Stressful at times, but realizing that this is what you wanted - I would not want to trade it for any other career field in the world.

I'm striving to not to get too mired in the mindset that it's almost done. I guess i'm feeling a bit insecure from the last time I felt that I was gonna own it and have a piece of cake with third year, and boom it meant staying back another year. I'm hard on myself, and I guess I'm just not wanting to get too excited when it is not over just yet.

I'm actually understanding a bit more of the personal issues that has hindered me in finishing on time my degree. Acknowledgement and learning to grow from the experience is the first step to improving yourself. Personally, I feel like if i can go through architecture school again, I'll be able to manage it more better. Sometimes the setbacks are what makes us better. Failure is what makes you stronger and makes you reflect all aspects of where you gone and what pushes you.

The time to graduate will be bittersweet, I'm gonna miss architecture school. It'll be hard to let go and I really want to leave after being here for a while, however I know i'm going to miss it. The friends, the faculty, the peers. the late nights working on studio with your friends and the involvement with the local AIAS chapter at my school. All these things I will miss. I'm gonna miss the design projects, the research, the resources, the involvement. I've been in academia for a long time and it's only now when i'm actually understanding the lessons and values of an architectural education.

I have hopes that someday I'll be able to find success and fulfillment in a Graduate school as well as success in a career with the help of God. I remember this moment talking to a classmate in my rendering course through the continuing education classes offered in my school. She told me that everyone runs into that "blip" where you struggle and things in life get messy. It's that moment when you are tested and you become tempered and resilient upon reflection. Persistence and drive will reflect if you are truly committed to your field. Happy days will come and go.

So I close this blog entry excited and anticipating that the end is near, not trying to get to focused on it, there's still a few more weeks left of this semester. I'm excited and anxious as this chapter of my life ends and a new one begins.