January 11, 2012

Reflections from my winter break in the US

(This was a blog entry I was typing on my way back to Canada at the end of winter break in January. However, thought it should be posted up nonetheless here's the preamble:

I think looking at this entry, it reminded me of the life lessons I got from my travels, realize I gotta really work hard to keep it in me and remember cause during the school year and in the stress of it all, it's hard to remember it. I think I need to really define my boundaries of when too much hard work is too much. I'd like to think I'm doing way better now in school than I was a year ago and I think that is a better. I'm not going to compare myself to others right now, not to how other people perform, but how you have grown overall over time is truly the best. If my time ain't gonna be in undergrad...there's always graduate school...at a different university...)

I'm just ending my trip to the United States

What I'm realizing from the experience.
Be fearless. Make Mistakes. Have the guts to stick it out what situation it leads to. I'm gonna be honest, I did a drawing that went against the rules of technique and style that was prescribed. But I was willing to take that risk, and face the consequences. Failure makes you stronger. And don't let that snobby condescending "A-Student" ("A" as in Straight-A aka "A$$#*LE"), or that studio professor discourage you. Some of the best designers went big to spark a conversation and dialogue and reaction - unapologetic if some people dislike what they did.

Become better at managing your time. I'm starting to realize that things our better when it's slowly being built, rebuilt, and revised - like a snowball rolling down a hill getting bigger and bigger.

Have faith in yourself. Do your best, and be happy of what you achieved comparing to what you did in the past, and not where others are. this leads in to my next point.

I think this is a touchy-feeling one. And one of the stories that Mike Lin talked about was about one of his TA`s that passed away. And that story really struck a chord. The moral of this story is that we all have one life to live, and when it`s over we do not want to have any regrets. We can work soo very hard to becoming the best student and crazy designer, however all of that can easily be taken away. I`m not advocating the need to slack. But it reminded me that I need to give myself a break and enjoy life.

Savour the things in this life that are important to you. God, Family, Friends. Live in alignment by your values and integrity. Be humble. Don`t let life`s struggles and trials wear you down. Stay positive and determined.

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