January 10, 2012

Be Loose Architecture Students.

After AIAS FORUM, I decided to swing by Las Vegas to attend the Be Loose Graphic Workshop by Mike Lin. Mr. Lin is one of the most famous and sought out instructors who is famous for hand graphic rendering and representation. The workshop is a bit pricey, but if you're a student...AND additionally an AIAS member and can afford to take a week trip to Vegas, you can get your tuition fee reduced.

I'm realizing that as a designer, I'm starting to become more interested in hand drawing and old school methods (probabaly because I haven't gotten a good chance of intensity in school to jump in on the digital fabrication stuff...and somehow it's working itself out where I'm exploring where my strengths really lie as a designer). I need to sharpen my swords to design.

Translating what we conceive in our minds to that evocative sketch slowly and develops into a space that is habitable and experiential is what I'm interested. It's what Juhani Palassmaa argues and warns us in his books The Eyes of the Skin and The Thinking Hand that the computer can lead us to designing sterile spaces that lack a human scale and feel, and that our direct use of hands in the doing to make architecture is more evocative, human, and emotional.

I wanted to attend the workshop because I wanted to tighten up my drawing skills, as well as gain more confidence as what Mike promises and delivers. From previous entries, know that I'm two years behind my degree - and for those of you that experience setbacks and failures, It can be really disheartening. I`m straddling the lines between confidence and self-loathing, between working excessively hard and giving yourself some slack. I feel that the workshop drawing exercises and the words of wisdom kinda push yourself to learn more about yourself, reflect on your work ethic and values, and furthermore realizing your potential that anything can happen when you work towards something. Not only that, be happy for your improvements from then and now and not between you and them.

The experience was rewarding. I got to make more friends, and talk to people from various fields - Architecture, Landscape, and Interior Design. Some of the licenced architects in our class encouraged me to keep going. They actually liked my work, and told me to keep working towards becoming an architect. One of them mentioned to me that it`s really about just finishing the degree and not the grades. Some of the TA's mentioned how a setback in design school will mean nothing in the long run for those who want to get in the field. I had a great time, and apparently we were one of the best classes since all of us got along very well. For those students that have experience that Blip...be hopeful, It will work its way out. My next entry will be a reflection from my two weeks stay in the US, and how AIAS Forum and the Be Loose Workshop have gotten me to reflect on life and career.

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