September 04, 2011

Summer 2011 - I grew up.

This summer was super-busy and stressful than the previous summer breaks. However, summer 2011 was enlightening. I learned more about myself as a person and reflected about my career path.

In the early days of my blog - I told a story of an architecture student that became overwhelmed in school. In his third year he dropped courses "Snoop Dogg" style (drop it like it's hawt) and he was being overwhelmed easily. The following year, He was thrown into a new curriculum where he felt inferior and isolated by the new class he was with. Eventually anxiety, stress, weightgain, and a failed studio would mark would encapsulate the year he thought he would succeed and own. He was pissed off at his school and the studio professor that he believed that failed him. My entries were reactive and reflected a student that did not have control over his life - he was letting his circumstances hinder him.

A few months later, right now, I am starting to change my outlook on my current situation in life (or trying my best to say the least). I want to gain that control in my life to not get myself in to a dark stressful place I was two years back. I've gained valuable lessons about who I am as a person from my Architecture Student Leadership Seminar - the AIAS Grassroots in Washington DC, and more as I am currently reading Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective people. Summer has made me question and reflect my architecture career path - however it is opening something that a few good friends are encouraging me to go in. And you will see this as this blog becomes revamped. And, though ambitious as it is, my failures and this enlightenment has kinda rekindled my goals in continuing in my architecture career path by looking into non-traditional forms of practice, as well as now eye-ing a different M.Arch program on the other side of downtown for me. I'm still into architecture, It's great realizing that there's more opportunities with our degree than just aiming for being licensed and practicing in a design firm.

I've taken an interest in advocating studio culture and ensuring that architecture students succeed based. I would like to mark my role as chapter Vice-President as a leader that is for the students. I want them to learn the lessons from my experiences as opposed to them repeating them. I realized that I may not be the kickass V-Ray rendering, I-wear-all-black-and-I-am-a-crazy architecture student - but I like to help and inform students and this blog is soon going to show this. As I finish my year - I have taken a role as a Chapter Vice-President for the AIAS Chapter in my school and I hope that I can be a person that makes positive change for students, while also helping me grow and learn at the same time.

As a Christian, I'm starting to remember how the sweetest vengence Jesus taught is Love and Kindness. In other words, integrity and victory comes from doing good. And it is good which must overcome the bad under all circumstance. I can be reactive by railing against profs like in earlier posts. But now I`d like to be proactive by learning from my mistakes. I can only go forward in my life and my career, stronger than ever, by not letting my setbacks phase me out. So for my final year of school - by taking leadership roles in the AIAS chapter, pushing events regarding career help, and being of service to the students - I've set the tone of wanting to make my positive mark and leaving a permanent legacy and I hope I can be the change I wish to see in the architecture student world.

I've learned the importance of being proactive than reactive amidst our trials, our pains and our failures. It's not an easy experience - it's humbling. As my blog continues as I enter my sixth and final year, I hope that I continue to use it as my personal tool for reflection and meaning as I finish this degree. Additionally, there is potential to turn my failures, my screwups into my success. I want this blog to become a positive means of giving architecture students the leadership and architecture student success tools needed to survive. I want this blog to give hope to the architecture student that fell behind, or struggled, and I want to show them that it's not the end of the world.

Currently, I've sparked an interest in some business/personal management (why I'm starting to read Stephen Covey's book) - and I feel like for many students like me that rush into architecture school fresh from high school does not give us sufficient time to be mature enough to handle the stresses that architecture school gives - and there will be students that will struggle with this. And I feel that writing on this blog - reminds and reinforces the personal lessons I learned and in turn will help the architecture student that struggles.

So as I end Summer 2011 - I just gotta say thanks for the memories and the lessons. I'm just in awe of the personal growth I've made. I hope that with faith, prayer, dedication, and effort that I can finish this year with a high note. I know architecture school is not fine and dandy like cake, so I'm hoping that this year will be better than the last and let's rock n' roll!

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