September 27, 2011

The dilemma between eating right / eating wrong.

So I'm having a bit of trouble joining my school's Gym. It's been three weeks into the semester and it is only today that I joined and exercised. Okay, based on previous workouts I have only been able to do half of what I normally do, but I accept the consequence of not working out and I just realize that I gotta come back strong.

I think a big challenge with architecture students is trying to find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, we're in the studio or on campus most of the time. Eating right and exercise are critical to better well-being to cope with stress, anxiety, and gives you the endorphins to give you that natural high as opposed to drinking (Starbs) greens.

I just worked out this morning and decided to bring some food since well, I really am tired of eating tonnes of fast food, and obese as I am - I know that eating right is better than eating wrong. Today I just brought some kamut puffs with strawberries, some milk to wash that down, a ham sandwich, as well as a bag of almonds and bananas. This my friends is gonna last me throughout the studio day. (Ironically, I find that I'm eating more healthy since I moved out than when I was a commuting student - and I feel that this is an issue that should be brought up and we should think of solutions as a school, as a person who should maintain a healthy lifestyle. The answers are not easy this is what it takes to bring a healthy set of meals to school it's heavy because of the glass containers:

As I aim for my dieting and weight loss goals for the school year, I think this is the challenge:
- When you pull all-nighters - you don't feel like cooking for the next few days
- If you want to work at studio and avoid the fast food crap - you might have to make that extra effort to pack a lunch (and if you're an architecture student - dinner and breakfast) to school.

All said and done - I can do this since I live across the street from the architecture building. However, for those who commute or are hardcore studio enthusiasts, I believe strongly that this is a challenge. I want to hear from you guys what do you do? What are some tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the school year, cause as we will deal with less sleep - the next best thing besides coffee is actually the nutritious stuff. (I guess this is the inspiration for my eating section for my studio research on student residences)

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